China plastic cap mould maker

China plastic cap mould maker

We always pay attention to the technical innovation and development of packaging cap moulds. We have developed and manufactured a variety of plastic cap injection molds with excellent quality and a wide variety of flip molds, beverage bottle cap molds, cosmetic bottle cap molds, and daily product bottle cap molds; At the same time, we are also committed to providing customers with complete sets of cap injection molding solutions, such as: automatic thread rotary injection molding solutions, automatic flip injection molding solutions, strong de-threaded cap injection molding solutions, etc.

Plastic bottle cap injection mold experience

Here are some of the showcases for cap injection molds:

Industry-leading plastic bottle cap injection molding process, excellent plastic cap mold processing capability, professional trustworthy!

72 cavity mineral water bottle cap injection mold

Product description: 2g cap is suitable for water packaging industry

Product size: PCO28mm

Cavity: 72 cavity

Mold size: 1320 * 620 * 759mm

Applicable machine: 600T

Mold main material: S136 stainless steel, HRC48-50 (ASSAB)

Mold injection system: hot runner needle valve system

Mold injection system: strong release structure

Mold cycle time: 7 seconds

Mold operation: 3M

Delivery time: 60 working days

24-cavity five-gallon plastic cover injection mold

Product Description: Five gallon plastic cover

Product weight: 8.8 ± 0.1g

Cavity: 24 cavity

Suitable for machines: 350T

Mold main material: S136 stainless steel, HRC48-50 (ASSAB)

Mold injection system: 24 points hot runner

Mold ejection system: fully automatic

Mold cycle time: 12 seconds

Mold operation: 3M

Delivery time: 50-60 working days

16 cavity oil pot cover injection mold

Product Description: Plastic lid for oil bottles

Cavity: 16 cavity

Suitable for machines: 250T

Mold main material: S136

Mold Injection System: Hot Runner

Mold cycle time: 28 seconds

Delivery time: 70 working days

Strict mold quality control system

Excellent quality control systems and product quality standards help customers and his processing plants save money and time.

Plastic cap mould quality inspection

From the first test of the plastic cap to the analysis of the test sample, very strict dimensional inspection and quality control are required to ensure that the produced mold can finally meet all the requirements of customer production and injection molding. A good plastic cap mold comes from our quality concept of excellence. Therefore, we usually start from five aspects.

Plastic cap mould design

We have experienced mold designers using advanced software for plastic cap mould design. The designed plastic mould has the advantages of rapid cooling, high efficiency, easy processing, simple operation and maintenance.

Plastic cap mould steel selection

Since the plastic cap mold works for a long time in a high-speed injection molding environment, the plastic bottle mold must use high-strength die steel. In general, the mold cavity and core of the plastic cap mold are made of Assarb S136, which has the advantages of fine polishing, high hardness and corrosion resistance.

Hot runner system selection

Choosing an excellent hot runner system ensures a balanced and stable injection of all gates in the mold to produce a better plastic cap. Taking into account the convenient replacement of later mold-related accessories, we can provide a variety of brands of hot runners for customers to choose.

Plastic cap mould

All mold parts are completed by high-precision lathes, electric sparks and slow wire electric sparks. In order to achieve its accuracy requirements, all of our EDM and slow wire EDM machines are imported from Japan’s Sodick with high tolerance accuracy.

In addition, after each machining process is completed, the template and mold parts must pass the inspection by the quality inspection team before entering the next machining program. This ensures that the accuracy of the mold is met and unnecessary rework time is avoided.

Plastic cap mould test

Prior to shipment, each plastic cap mold was run on machine to further test its quality to ensure long-term efficient operation of the mold after it reached the customer’s facility.

It is with this refined product quality concept and closed-loop quality control that the quality of plastic cap moulds is guaranteed.