Thread cap mould

Thread caps are widely used in mineral water bottle, drink package, urine cup etc.

Flip top cap mould

Flip top caps are widely used in daily life. Will not leak, convenient and fast.

Cosmetic cap mould

Cosmetic caps are widely used in skin care packaging and compact powder cases etc.

Anti-theft cap mould

Anti-theft caps are widely used in drug packaging and food packaging etc.

Oil bottle cap mould

Oil bottle caps are widely used in cooking oil packaging and liquor packaging etc.

Compaction bottle cap mould

Compaction bottle caps are widely used in purified water package, drink package etc.

PET Preform Mould

12-64 cavities preform mould, wide mouth preform mould, 5 gallon preform mould etc.

Blow Bottle Mould

PET blow bottle mould, blow bottle mould, PET blow molding machine etc.

Cap Machine

Cap anti-theft ring slitting machine, cap rubber patch machine etc.

Anti-theft cap mould

Characteristics of Plastic Anti-theft Caps
The anti-theft caps are tamper evident and possess a special tear off ring at the bottom or side wall which separates when container opens for the first time and required to be easy for the consumer to open.

1. An annular anti-leakage ring is arranged on the inner wall of the top end of the bottle cap;
2. The lower end of the cap is connected to an anti-theft ring by a tension rib;
3. At the same time, a plurality of sheet-shaped revolving tension wings are evenly distributed on the inner wall of the anti-theft ring. This design cap has the advantages of firm sealing, leakproof and anti-theft performance, safe and convenient to use.

For anti-theft cap mould manufacturer, the anti-theft ring usually needs a slide to achieve. We need to ensure the hardness of the slider steel, to ensure the processing accuracy to prevent the flash. We recommend using hot runner for the mold, also cold runner is workable.