Thread cap mould

Thread caps are widely used in mineral water bottle, drink package, urine cup etc.

Flip top cap mould

Flip top caps are widely used in daily life. Will not leak, convenient and fast.

Cosmetic cap mould

Cosmetic caps are widely used in skin care packaging and compact powder cases etc.

Anti-theft cap mould

Anti-theft caps are widely used in drug packaging and food packaging etc.

Oil bottle cap mould

Oil bottle caps are widely used in cooking oil packaging and liquor packaging etc.

Compaction bottle cap mould

Compaction bottle caps are widely used in purified water package, drink package etc.

PET Preform Mould

12-64 cavities preform mould, wide mouth preform mould, 5 gallon preform mould etc.

Blow Bottle Mould

PET blow bottle mould, blow bottle mould, PET blow molding machine etc.

Cap Machine

Cap anti-theft ring slitting machine, cap rubber patch machine etc.

Who are we

QX Plastic Mould Co., LTD is a professional plastic cap mould manufacturer, located in Huangyan District, which is famous for “China mould town”.
QX Mould more than 5 years experience for custom plastic cap mould manufacturing, We offer high quality plastic cap moulds as well as mould solutions.

QX Mould engineers and management team have rich experiences and skills. We use imported machining equipments and high-quality mold steels, ensuring the mould accurate precision and production life and improve production cycle.

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Cap mould making

1, Adopt advanced CNC machine, EDM machine, high speed engraving machine to make sure tight tolerance;
2, Use high grade steel S136, 2316, H13 to guarantee 5million mould life and good quality;
3, Optional water cooling system for fast cycle time;
4, Stable Performance hot runner and temperature controller.
5, Self-lock in order to avoid eccentric of the mould;
6, Interchangeable core insert, it is better for future maintenance when assembly;
7, Multi-cavity for mass production;
8, All cap moulds are automatically eject;

Your idea or drawings

Before start mould production we have to know very well what does customer need, what kind of plastic or aluminium part do you need to produce. We accept your idea in words, sketch, any kind of 2D drawings, various 3D formats, samples, etc.

Mould design & production

According to your specification and request, we will design the mould. After designing we will provide you 2D assembly drawings and 3D drawings. During the mould production stage, we will send you regular updates of process status and process photos.

Quality control & After-sales service

All production stages are on the Quality Management department supervision. All mold parts from external suppliers goes through quality control. One year free of service after mould shipping to customers workshop.

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