Except use injection molding for bottle caps production, there has a new production method that is rotary capping machine.

After the capping machine is matched with the compaction cap mould, the granular plastic raw materials (such as PP/HDPE/LDPE, etc.) are melted at a high temperature and then quantitatively extruded, and then cut and evenly distributed into the respective cavities by the cutting blades, finally formed a cap in the mould cavity. This production process speed is very fast, can be 200 times per minute. The produced caps are widely used in mineral water, carbonated drinks and so on.

We can provide production lines including: rotary capping machine, compaction cap mould, cap anti-theft ring slitting machine, cap rubber patch machine and other cap machines.

Compaction bottle cap mould is composed of thread part, ejector part, springs. Through precision lathe and grinding machine processing the high-hardness steel, used with capping machine after surface treatment.

After surface treatment, the wear resistance is better.

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